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Solid Technique That Is Definitely Supporting All voyage au Vietnam Fanatics

April 1, 2012

I became in Saigon through the Tet Vietnam also called Chinese Lunar Year. It’s for the 1st day of the initial lunar month. «The Vietnamese Lunar New Year» is the most important and popular holiday and festival in Vietnam.

Many Vietnamese organize Tet by cooking special holiday foods and washing the house. There are a variety of customs practiced during Tet, such as visiting families and friends houses around the first day on the new year, ancestral worshipping, wishing New Years greetings, giving «li xi» money to children and elderly people.

I have never celebrated Tet Vietnam before in Vietnam, as well as Tet is surely an occasion to see relatives reunions, it had been an incredible possibility to finally be able to to test against eachother.

Under my stay in Saigon, I visited the graves of my ancestors, that it was an experience. My aunt and i also did some praying while you’re watching grave, we cleaned and decorated the grave as a manifestation of respect.

Anyway, it had been an incredible experience, a lot of people in the pub dancing (Lion dance), singing, eating, capturing pictures etc. I was too excited and actually forgot to capture some great moments:(

I used to be amongst people which has a local friend the 1st 3 days, Khoa Kevin (that is studying in Oslo, however in Vietnam during Tet visiting family). It absolutely was great hanging with a local cause he knows a great deal. We also met some few friends of him who took us with a modern location to party. Thanks Khoa Kevin.

In doing my be in Vietnam, my sister from Norway surprised me by visiting me in Saigon . We took a weekend visit to visit our grand parents in a city call Buon Me Thuot. BMT would be the capital of Dak Lak Province inside the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Town may be known since the regional “capital of COFFEE”.

Anyway, it turned out an enormous surprise visiting them, not because I’m there (I have visited them Four times the very last Several years), consider my sister perhaps there is. The last time she was in Vietnam what food was in 1996. I could see the happiness inside my grand parents eyes, finally got the opportunity to meet their grand-daughter after numerous years.

There we were greeted with plenty of foods, and found themselves by gaining a couple pounds after just couple of days! Both my sister and myself traveled to bed every evening which has a bad stomach because we both been feeding with a lot of food. It feels like people doesn’t do anything whatsoever else through the Year celebration then eating and partying.

The trip from Saigon to BMT was great, since we both flew, even so the trip back was horrible, 8 hours bus trip. I’m glad my sister where traveling with me to ensure we might entertain each other, otherwise the bus trip will feel as if forever. Thanks sis, and love you!

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